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Smith Gadd & Co Wills


Nobody likes having to face the inevitable, but how will your family or friends know that they are carrying out your wishes when you're not there to ask? Your Will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. 

  • Who do you want to inherit your assets?

  • Do you want to make proper provision for the upkeep and education of your children?

  • Are there any individual bequests, perhaps of family heirlooms, that you wish to make?

  • Do you want to remember a particular friend, acquaintance or charity?

  • Do you want to make arrangements for your pets?


These and many more questions can be addressed by making a Will.

How do I make a Will?

Contact us on 01403 271222 and ask for an appointment to make a Will.

​Before your appointment give the following points some thought so that you can discuss them at the meeting:

  • ​Make a list of your assets.

  • Consider who you wish to appoint as guardian and trustee for your minor children, if applicable.

  • Decide who is to inherit your assets.

  • Consider who you wish to appoint as Executor of your Will to ensure that your wishes are carried out. If you prefer you can appoint Smith Gadd & Co. to act as your sole or joint executor.

  • Decide if you wish to make any specific bequests. These may include an item of jewellery; a family heirloom or antique piece; a specific amount of money or the proceeds of a particular insurance policy or any other specific item you wish to leave to a particular beneficiary.

  • Consider whether there is anyone who may have a claim against your estate for whom you do not wish to make provision in your Will.

  • Consider what will happen to your pets, if applicable.

Following your meeting a Will reflecting your wishes will be drafted and sent to you to approve the 
contents. You will then be asked to make a brief visit to our office to deal with the signature formalities. Once signed, we can either store the Will for you free of charge in our document storage facility and provide you with copies of the original or you may take the original for your own safe-keeping. We can also, if you wish, register your Will on the Certainty Wills Register so that it can be easily located by your executors.


A singular Will cost starts at £295 plus VAT. A mirror Will cost starts at £475 plus VAT. Additional trust work such as Life Interest is charged at £150 plus VAT.

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