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Costs Information on Employment Matters 

On Employment matters we are regularly asked to advise on Settlement Agreements and Contracts of Employment both for Employees and Employers. Our hourly charging rate is £245 per hour plus vat.

Settlement Agreements

Employers will usually make a contribution towards an employees fees on Settlement Agreements which will normally cover our costs unless there is a dispute in which case we endeavour to keep within the allowance. In the case of a significant dispute our hourly rate of £245.00 plus vat applies and an estimate of additional costs will be discussed with the Employee who will be liable for payment of our extra fees.

Employment Tribunal Claims

We also deal with Employment Tribunal claims for Employers and Employees. We do not offer funding for Employment claims. The hourly rate of £245 plus vat applies and we always do our best to provide estimates tailored to your claim and the work we are asked to do on your behalf  whether you are an Employer or Employee.